QuickBooks Online vs Desktop ? (Video)

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop ?. (Video)


One of the big differences between the online version of QuickBooks and the desktop version is that QuickBooks online has automatic features – including invoice, receipt, and report transactions – that must be done manually with the desktop version. It also has automation features for items like email reports, customer billing, and downloading bank transactions.

Intuit is also eager to point out the features that you can only find with QuickBooks online: the ability to automatically schedule and send invoices and work from PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablets at any time; instant file access for accountants, and connection to more than 300 cloud-based apps.

Other features that come at no extra charge with QuickBooks online are the ability to automatically download your bank transactions, automatic backup, access to the latest feature updates, and access for up to five users. Those features are available with the desktop version but at an added cost.

Desktop: one-time fee upfront it varies as it depends if you want the Pro, Premier or Enterprise edition.

Online: a monthly subscription and price also range depending on the version you need.

I created a video that you can watch or listen to it and determine which edition is best for your business.





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