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 Why Being A Entrepreneurs Is The Best Option (PRIVATE SERIES) 


 NEW ! #Expert #Guest #Inteviews now in the #Podcast.

Tax Advisor, Accountant and QuickBooks Consultant www.etbsfl.com

How to be Successful as a Female Entrepreneur (Hope Alcocer) Expert Guest Ep 10. 

How to be #succesful as a #Female #Entrepreneurs & #Book #Author #HopeAlcocer #Expert Guest Ep 10. Alcocer is a #women‘s advocate and self-published author. She owns Media + PR firm and Wonder Woman. Published two books. www.wonderwomanmedia.com and www.hopealcocer.com



How to improve your #business #marketing with #SEO * #JasonBerkowitz Expert Guest Ep 9.

#Digitalmarketing community, founding two #successful firms, Break The Web & SEO Services NY. Since their inception, Jason has managed #marketing campaigns for some of the most significant brands in the world .www.breaktheweb.org


How to #improve our #business #communication #AlexAgresta #Expert Guest Ep 8.
We empower forward-thinking leaders to systematize purpose in their business so they can scale their culture, impact, and profit.


What are a #Trademark and #Patent? (#PBTurafiello)#Expert #Attorney Ep 7.

P. Betty Tufariello, Esq. the firm practice trademark law differently. As a result of our efforts and over twenty years of experience, we have a 100% #success rate with every trademark registration we have filed. In court, we have established a track record of obtaining substantial jury awards for our clients, many in the high six-figure range. Intellectulaw™ www.intellectulaw.com.



How to #save 90% of your #income (Daniel Ameduri) Ep 6. 

#DanielAmeduri creator of the #FREE #Economy #newsletter www.futuremoneytrends.com/ .Sign up now you be surprised how much you will learn.


Why is a #podcasting import for a #business? (Andrew Alleman) Expert Guest Ep 5. 

Founder of #Podcastguest.com an online directory where you can request to be invited as an expert guest or for the #podcaster to connect with the guest.


Which #Business #Entities #Partnership, #LLC #S or #C #corp ?. (Flavia Barnes -Business Attorney) Expert Ep 4.


#Wealth Management & Self Directed #IRA’s with (Kirk Chisholm) an #RIA – Retirement #Investor Advisor Ep 3.


#RealEstate in #Multi-Family #Properties Investor- (Joseph Gozlan) Expert Guest  Ep 2.

Why Should You Hire a Business Consultant? (Thor Conklin) Expert Guest Ep 1.


Part 2 – What does the Trump Reform mean to you?   Updated 10/27/17



Update with Trump tax Reforms as of 9/27/17:

Need #help with #business or #indivudal #taxplanning and #taxpreparations ?. #Trumps #Taxreforms #2017 #free #podcast what it means to you as the #tax payer?. 


Trump New Tax Proposals Individuals :

Cash Flow Quadrant :

Preparing for a Tax Audit :

Tax Saving Retirement :


Our goal is to be a “trusted advisor” and help you grow your business with our expertise and experience.

What can we do for you?……..

  • (QuickBooks Software Training, Consulting & Accounting)

* Corp setup LLC, S , C corps, Partner,.* Book COA setup/cleanup *QB Analyzes, KPI reports

  •  (Strategic Tax Advisor, Planning & Preparation for Individuals/Small Business Owners)

 When did your tax pro call you with a tax idea? Never, call us!.

Let us help you… reduce your taxes now and then invest your extra income in another way to produce more money and wealth for you.

  • (Start-Ups and Millennial Entrepreneurs Business Coaching)

I believe that a good working relationship starts with honesty and a good, solid foundation. So, if you’d like to see if we’re a good fit, I invite you to contact me for a Free 20 minutes phone consultation 954.788.2870 or visit www.etbsfl.com.

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