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 Why Being A Entrepreneurs Is The Best Option (PRIVATE SERIES) 



 NEW ! #Expert #Guest #inteviews now in the #Podcast.

Tax Advisor, Accountant and QuickBooks Consultant www.etbsfl.com

Why are podcasting import for a business (Andrew Alleman) 5 expert guest (TABCS) 2018

Founder of Podcastguest.com an online directory where you can request to be invited as an expert guest or for the podcaster to connect with the guest.


Which #Business #Entities #Partnership, #LLC #s or #C #corps?

Flavia Barnes (Business Attorney) expert guest.


Wealth Management & Self Directed IRA’s with a RIA (Retirement Investor Advisor) Kirk Chisholm Expert Guest.



Real Estate in Multi Family Properties – Joseph Gozlan Expert Guest.

Why You Should Hire a Business Consultant? Thor Conklin Expert Guest.


Part 2 – What does the Trump Reform mean to you?   Updated 10/27/17



Update with Trump tax Reforms as of 9/27/17:

Need #help with #business or #indivudal #taxplanning and #taxpreparations ?. #Trumps #Taxreforms #2017 #free #podcast what it means to you as the #tax payer?. 


Trump New Tax Proposals Individuals :

Cash Flow Quadrant :

Preparing for a Tax Audit :

Tax Saving Retirement :


Our goal is to be a “trusted advisor” and help you grow your business with our expertise and experience.

What can we do for you?……..

  • (QuickBooks Software Training, Consulting & Accounting)

* Corp setup LLC, S , C corps, Partner,.* Book COA setup/cleanup *QB Analyzes, KPI reports

  •  (Strategic Tax Advisor, Planning & Preparation for Individuals/Small Business Owners)

 When did your tax pro call you with a tax idea? Never, call us!.

Let us help you… reduce  your taxes now and then invest your extra income in another way to produce more money and wealth for you.

  • (Start Ups and Millennial Entrepreneurs Business Coaching)

I believe that a good working relationship starts with honesty and a good, solid foundations. So, if you’d like to see if we’re a good fit, I invite you to contact me for a Free 20 minutes phone consultation 954.788.2870 or visit www.etbsfl.com.

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