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ETBS Will Help You To Manage Your Tax Planning Efficiently

For Immediate Release ETBS Will Help You To Manage Your Tax Planning Efficiently Services Available To Assist You With Managing Your Debts and Expenses Lighthouse Point, FL, November 28, 2018 – It is a necessity for people to prepare for their taxes. You need to look at how well your taxes are managed and planned accordingly. The TCJA changes to the tax code must recognize what might work when getting different functions handled. ETBS can help you with managing many of your tax efforts. ETBS, or the Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services group, is available to help you with managing (more…)

Trump Tax Reforms Business (GOP) Part 3 (2018) Video.

Trump Tax Reforms Business Part 3 (2018). How does it affect your business?. On this short video, I will clarify the LLC, sole props, partnership and S corp (20% BSI income). And C corp’s new tax down to 21% form 35%. I offer small business tax advisory consultation to help you further in how you may legally reduce your income and pay less. More cash flow …more money for you!. Let us chat..complete the contact form at Thanks! Remember to share and like my channel. Tax Advisor, Accountant and QuickBooks Consultant               (more…)

Tax Update Signed by Trump’s and How It Affects You in 2018!

Tax Update Signed by Trump’s and How It Affects You in 2018! Tax Advisory, Strategy and Preparation Service Express Tax and Bookkeeping LLC accounting bookkeeping tax returns. President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It cuts the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent beginning in 2018. The top individual tax rate will drop to 37 percent. It cuts income tax rates, doubles the standard deduction, and eliminates personal exemptions. The corporate cuts are permanent, while the individual changes expire at the end of 2025. Here’s a summary of how the Act changes income taxes, deductions for child and elder care, and business taxes. Watch video (more…)

QuickBooks Help with Training, Consulting and Bookkeeping Virtually and Florida

QuickBooks Help with Training, Consulting, and Bookkeeping in Florida QuickBooks Help with Training, Consulting and Bookkeeping in the Cloud and Florida. You have a small business. You know your products, your marketing strategies and your customers.  However, when it comes to keeping track of your finances, you don’t have a clue.  Quickbooks has been highly recommended to you by friends and colleagues.  You bought it.  You were impressed with all the things it professes to accomplish.  You install it on your computer.  You have no idea where to start.  Don’t panic.  Help is available.  Let’s check it out,   Go (more…)

Interview with Liz Soria founder of ETBS expert in Tax Advisory and QuickBooks Consulting

Interview with Liz Soria Liz Soria, QuickBooks expert in training, consulting, accounting and tax advisory for small business Every now and then we will interview entrepreneurs to share their experiences and their story with the hopes of being able to provide readers with some helpful bits of information.  This week, we interviewed Liz Soria with Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services ETBS. Tell us about your background: I started working in the field of accounting since 2002. By 2010, I decided to open my business offering Cloud Quickbooks Bookkeeping (Flat rate) packages along with preparing tax return for individuals/business. I (more…)
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