QuickBooks Consulting & Training for Small Business in Florida

QuickBooks Consulting & Training for Small Business in Florida As certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, our financial professionals at ETBS LLC offer Quickbooks consulting & training for small business in Florida. Our number one goal is for your small business to become financially independent and successful, and this can reached by using the innovative QuickBooks financial software for your bookkeeping and recordkeeping. At Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services of Florida, we are able to train you and your employees on the proper way to operate QuickBooks efficiently for your small business. Based on our experience, we know that if you implement QuickBooks (more…)

QuickBooks Accounting-Bookkeeping Experts in Florida

Reporting, bookkeeping, accounting, and recordkeeping are vital to knowing where your business is headed and are needed for the success of your business. As a QuickBooks Accounting-Booking Expert in Florida, here at ETBS LLC we have years of experience in guiding small businesses across the state to profitability and long-term revenue growth. Most business owners are too busy or simply unable to fully grasp the financial fundamentals of their business which can hurt your accounting practices. At a fraction of the cost of an in-house full-time or part-time bookkeeper, we are a QuickBooks Accounting-Bookkeeping Expert in Florida that can: Lower (more…)

Make Retirement Planning A Breeze

  Make Retirement Planning A Breeze Retirement planning has become one of the biggest worries of the current working population. The traditional option available for retirement planning is IRA. However, some experts also suggest that you opt for Roth IRA instead. This is not all, there are 401k options available with your employer. Apart from this, SAT and SIMPLE are other options that you should consider for your retirement planning. We will be checking out all these options in brief below. IRA- You can contribute to the traditional IRA along with your spouse if you prefer to do so. Here, (more…)
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