Liz Soria

Interview with Liz Soria founder of ETBS expert in Tax Advisory and QuickBooks Consulting

Interview with Liz Soria Liz Soria, QuickBooks expert in training, consulting, accounting and tax advisory for small business Every now and then we will interview entrepreneurs to share their experiences and their story with the hopes of being able to provide readers with some helpful bits of information.  This week, we interviewed Liz Soria with Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services ETBS. Tell us about your background: I started working in the field of accounting since 2002. By 2010, I decided to open my business offering Cloud Quickbooks Bookkeeping (Flat rate) packages along with preparing tax return for individuals/business. I (more…)

High Quality Tax Advisor for Florida Businesses

High Quality Tax Advisor for Florida Businesses   Finding the right professional business tax advisor in Florida can be a challenge that many small businesses do not feel up to facing. Because such services are often unfairly priced, the average entrepreneur can feel overwhelmed and out of luck, especially in a state where they want to take advantage of as many deductions as possible. The QuickBooks accounting and training in Florida that we use provides the perfect opportunity for us to market our spectacular services to those small businesses that yearn for the resources of larger corporations. The Best Business (more…)

QuickBooks Accounting & Training for the Florida Area

QuickBooks Accounting & Training for the Florida Area   When you are a business owner in the state of Florida, there is no better place for you to be. With amazing people and wonderful opportunities, the entire area is teeming with potential for success, especially if you have the pecuniary touch, technological discernment, and personal charm that all of our clientele seem to possess by the ton. Here, we provide professional tax preparation, planning, accounting, and advisement services to amazing small businesses throughout the region. It brings us great joy and pride to see our incredible clients grow to (more…)

Tax Preparation Checklist For The New Year 2017

Ft Lauderdale Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services. Virtual accounting and tax firm in the USA.   Tax Preparation Checklist For The New Year 2017   The financial year-end necessitates readying tax-linked documents as individuals and companies are required to pay tax on their earnings as per the law. If you are not sure about the required papers needed during the process, then reference to the following points may be useful.The option of consulting a tax advisor can also be availed for easing the burden of tax filing. In addition to the mandatory tax forms, the below-listed documents are essential. Personal (more…)

Make Retirement Planning A Breeze

  Make Retirement Planning A Breeze Retirement planning has become one of the biggest worries of the current working population. The traditional option available for retirement planning is IRA. However, some experts also suggest that you opt for Roth IRA instead. This is not all, there are 401k options available with your employer. Apart from this, SAT and SIMPLE are other options that you should consider for your retirement planning. We will be checking out all these options in brief below. IRA- You can contribute to the traditional IRA along with your spouse if you prefer to do so. Here, (more…)
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