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Women Business Owners – Get 20% Off for QuickBooks Bookkeeping or Tax Services

LizUSA Special Discount For Women-Owned Businesses! 20% off on your first order with Express Tax and Business Services Blog for Women-owned Businesses For Women Business Owners: A Gift for You We are celebrating the ingenuity and success of today’s women business owners.  Being a woman and starting up a business is a challenge in and of itself.  Not too many years ago, women-owned businesses were almost unheard of because of prejudices against women being able to be knowledgeable and competitive in a male-dominated business world.  It took determination and guts for women to get a business off the ground and (more…)

Quickbooks for Small Business Owners

LizUSA Blog on Quickbooks Quickbooks for Small Business Owners  As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  Years ago, this was often a hit-or-miss” proposition because the resources you needed were either extremely expensive or not readily available. Today you have easy access to Quickbooks, a comprehensive accounting system for small businesses.   Express Tax and Business Services is offering Quickbooks teaching videos specifically designed for small business owners and conveniently located on Youtube.  Now you can jump on the Internet and start learning Quickbooks for FREE!  The only (more…)

Express Tax & Bookkeeping Service – Web Re-Launch (10% off New Clients)

Check Out our Web Re-launch  We have re-launched our Express Tax and Business Services Website!  Now you can navigate the pages with ease and locate the bookkeeping and tax resources that you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively. Click on the “About Us” tab at the top of the home page for our credentials, mission statement and testimonials from satisfied businesses and individuals who are thrilled that they took advantage of ETBS’s many accounting services. In our “How It Works” page, you will discover that Express Tax and Business Services can be your accounting partner, putting the (more…)

Turning your Tax Nightmare into a Dream

Turning your Tax Nightmare into a Dream  Business owners get bigger headaches than the rest of us.  This is because their tax pressures are often compounded.  With a continually changing tax code, coupled with the uncertainty of upcoming tax rates in 2013, handling the company’s taxes has become a nightmare for sole proprietors, partnerships, and smaller corporations.  Virtual Tax Services are changing that nightmare into a dream.  With them, your business’s taxes can be done “virtually” on computer by an outside company.  This is a definite cost and time savings for you.  Plus, with virtual tax services, you are not (more…)
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