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Don’t Make These Common Business Tax Mistakes

Businesses often face a huge burden in the form of taxes. While #business taxes are quite confusing for an average business #owner, filing, returns and errors become other headaches that one has to go through every time. This leaves a room for mistakes. Therefore, we will be discussing some of the most common mistakes that you can make with your business #tax. • Choosing the wrong business entity This mistake is quite common among #business owners. Most people will be start out as a sole proprietor or an LLC. However, they forget to take a look back at their business (more…)

IRS Tax Updates for 2016 – Part 1

Finally, IRS published the new tax updates for 2016. I will split the must common deduction and credit into one or two more articles is too much information to fit on one newsletter, As a #taxpayer is very important that you’re aware of the changes before you file your tax return. Itemized Deductions. The limitation for itemized deductions – the Pease limitations, named after former Rep. Don Pease (D-OH) – for 2015 will kick in for individuals with incomes of $258,250 or more ($309,900 for married couples filing jointly). The Pease limitations were slated to be reduced beginning in 2006 (more…)

Author Liz Soria: Starting and Running a Small Business in the USA – Radio interview!

Liz Soria, CPB, ATP is the founder of Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services in Florida since 2009. She offers professional and affordable virtual QuickBooks #Accounting and tax services. She has been working in the accounting and tax field for over 12 years. Recently, she wrote her first e-book Starting and Running a #Small Business in the USA the book is published on #Amazon for a very nominal investment. Her goal with this book is to bring awareness and educate the #entrepreneurs to stay compliance with the federal and state #taxes. Also, on her  book she mentioned about the differences between legal and (more…)

Key Tax Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services   Key Tax Mistakes You Are Making Right Now An individual not only has to bear the burden of tax but also has the shoulder the responsibility of paying the #taxes on time. However, it is quite unfortunate that tax illiteracy makes the individuals pay higher taxes which might sabotage their #financial decisions in the future. The IRS suggests that there are millions of people who make simple yet substantial mathematical errors while filing their tax returns. Individual taxes, hence, can become a problem for anyone who does not have enough knowledge of how personal (more…)

How to Offset Taxes on both Gains & Income

AccreditedtaxpreparerLizSoria How to offset taxes on both gains & income Now that autumn’s upon us, what better time to talk about harvesting? Tax-loss harvesting, that is. “Tax-loss harvesting is a basic concept to sell investments, stocks, bonds [or] anything that you own that has actually gone down in value,” The upside of tax-loss harvesting for investors is that they can protect their losses and either use them against future gains or write off up to $3,000 against ordinary income for the year. it’s a mistake to wait until year-end to harvest tax losses. That’s because, first, “normally everyone is going (more…)
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