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Tax Tips

Tax Tips ! Individuals and businesses may be able to reduce 2015 taxes by taking steps like these: INDIVIDUALS *  Determine if you’ll have to pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and figure out what you can do to minimize any AMT liability. *  Contribute the full amount allowed to your IRA, defined contribution plan or SEP.  * Make sure you take all deductions, exemptions and credits you can.  * If married, see if you would be better off filing jointly or separately. BUSINESSES *  Determine whether you are eligible for special state and local tax credits. Many smaller companies (more…)

Why Cash Flow is so Important to Biz?

A business that lacks consistent and regular cash flow can come crashing down. It would not be an exaggeration to call cash flow the heartbeat of a business. Once the heartbeat dies, the business dies too. Hence, every business owner needs to ensure regular cash flow in his business. Keep a close check on your business financial statements. Why cash flow is so important for small biz? Most business owners leave the finances solely to an accountant. In case they use small accounting cash flow software, they fail to update the software regularly. As a result of this, they frequently (more…)
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