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Tax Preparation Checklist For The New Year 2016

Ft Lauderdale Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services. Virtual accounting and tax firm in the USA.     Tax Preparation Checklist For The New Year 2016   The financial year-end necessitates readying tax-linked documents as individuals and companies are required to pay tax on their earnings as per the law. If you are not sure about the required papers needed during the process, then reference to the following points may be useful.The option of consulting a tax advisor can also be availed for easing the burden of tax filing. In addition to the mandatory tax forms, the below-listed documents are essential. Personal (more…)

Simple 7 Steps for Tax Preparation 2015 (Express Tax)

Simple 7 Steps for Tax Preparation There is still plenty of time left until the April 15 income tax filing deadline. But why wait until the last minute to get your affairs in order? By preparing now, you’ll make your and your accountant’s life a lot easier come crunch time. In this article, we’ll give you 10 actions you can start right now to make sure that you have the right documentation and information necessary to file a timely and accurate tax return. 1. Collect Your 1099s and W-2s Employers typically send W-2 wage information to their employees via regular mail by the end of (more…)
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