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QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts !

    QuickBooks 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts – TIPS   Use the QuickBooks 2013 keyboard shortcuts shown in the following table to make your day-to-day small business accounting easier and faster. You can save valuable time and energy with these handy key combinations:     PC Shortcut   Ctrl+A Displays the Chart of Accounts   window Ctrl+C Copies your selection to the   Clipboard Ctrl+D Deletes check, invoice,   transaction, or item from the list Ctrl+E Edits transaction selected in the   register Ctrl+F Displays the Find window Ctrl+G Goes to the other side of a   transfer transaction Ctrl+I Displays (more…)

Follow the tax rules when you borrow from your corporation

If you’re a business owner and your company lends you money, you’ll enter it in the books as a shareholder loan. However, if your return is audited, the IRS will scrutinize the loan to see whether it is really disguised wages or a dividend, taxable to you as income. Knowing what the IRS might look at may be useful when you structure the arrangement. * First, the IRS will look at your relationship to the company. If you’re the sole shareholder with full control over earnings, that may weaken your case that the loan is genuine. On the other hand, (more…)

Quality QuickBooks Accounting Services For Your Business

QUALITY QUICKBOOKS ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS   From start ups to established corporations, every business needs high quality accounting and tax services to present its fair financial picture. Express Tax and Bookkeeping services provides virtual bookkeeping, small business accounting, individual tax preparation and tax returns services for small and medium businesses and start ups based in USA. We are a full charge bookkeeper and accountant, providing high quality and transparent accounting and tax services for your business. Bookkeeping, being one of the most important aspects of a functional business, is now taking on different dimensions and seeing new trends. (more…)
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